The Next Step shooting class is a great class to learn shooting skills from expert handgun instructors
The NRA CCW-1 certificate is required to apply for your CPL (Concealed Pistol License).
Next Class: June 12th (8am - 4pm)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact if I have a more specific question?

Sales and support is available during business hours at 855 229-6424 or 616 980-4100, or you may speak with an instructor (Mike Bernethy) at (231) 750-0019.

How much does the permit cost from the State of Michigan.

It is a five year permit and cost $105.

How long between completion of class and receiving my permit?

Three to six weeks.

What is PPOH aka Advanced CCW or CCW-2?

Personal Protection outside the Home, also known as Advanced CCW or CCW-2.

The Level 1 CCW class is a prerequisite for the CCW-2 class.

CCW-2 involves shooting 200 rounds, quick draw and tactical shooting.

If passed into law in Michigan, the CCW-2 will allow you to carry in more areas than allowed with your CCW/CPL permit.
This class picks up where the CCW class left off.

You are required to bring your own gun, 200 rounds of ammunition and a strong side holster.

** NOTE ** This class cannot be used to obtain your CPL. You must take the CCW Level 1 class first.

Do I have to take a basic handguns class to learn about shooting and cleaning the gun?

All of this will be included in the class, so you do not have to take any extra classes.

Does the Michigan State Police have a website about firearms.

Yes, the url is Michigan State Police Firearms

Is it illegal to have a knife with a blade over 3 inches in my possession?

MCL 750.226 NO. Michigan law specifies that a person, with intent to use the knife unlawfully against another, shall not go armed with a knife having a blade over 3 inches in length. Just carrying a sport knife over 3 is legal (See link below).